ORB-it Accessories 飾品



一段廢木穿梭宇宙的旅程 -首飾系列 以“圍繞” 作為靈感。簡約的線條和黑酸枝木特有的星空木紋將每一件飾品打造成獨一無二, 就像是宇宙中的天體,無上獨特且相互吸引。在浩瀚的太空中,尋找屬於你的軌道和陪伴你前進的引力,就像每天圍繞你身邊珍貴的伴侶,家人,朋友,Feel It All Around !

ORB-IT series accessories themed with “staying around”, inspired from the unique solar system, the naturally unique texture and starry characteristic of black wood makes every accessory piece irreplaceable and one of its own, like every celestial bodies in the universe, encircling on their own track and brings ultimate attraction.


產品尺寸 Product size :每件產品皆為手工成品,尺寸不一 different size for each handmade product 
包裝尺寸 Package size:13 x 11.5 x 3cm

*皮繩有伸縮活結可自行調整長度,男女皆可配戴。 The length of the necklace(rope) could be adjusted.

Shipping fee 運費相關
  1. [European countries/ United States 歐美國家 ] For order under HKD1800 or less than 3 camera sets , HKD210 for shipping charges will apply. Freight Collect not available. 總訂單金額為HKD1800以下或少於3套相機訂單,運費為HKD210;不適用於運費到付。
  2. [Japan日本 / Singapore新加坡 / Thailand泰國 / Malaysia馬來西亞 ] For order under HKD1600 or less than 3 camera sets , HKD160 for shipping charges will apply.Freight Collect not available. 總訂單金額為HKD1600以下或少於3套相機訂單,運費為HKD160;不適用於運費到付。
  3. [HONG KONG/ MACAO / TAIWAN 港澳台] For order under HKD1000 or less than 2 camera sets , Freight Collect will be applied.  總訂單金額為HKD1000以下或少於2套相機訂單需支付運費,運費到付
Return & Refund Policy 退還及退款政策 
  • No Refunds & Return will be issued for this product; 退款及換貨政策不適用於此系列產品;
If you need any assistance, please email us - info@hyle.design / sales@hyle.design , we will get back to you soon. Thank you!
如您需要任何協助,請電郵( info@hyle.design / sales@hyle.design )與我們聯絡,我們將儘快回覆您。謝謝!

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