CROZ D.I.Y. Digital Camera - Deery

Promotional item(s) 優惠產品

Set includes:

  • Camera board 相機芯片

  • Deery case OR Blanc case 小鹿版外殼或雪花版外殼

  • Fisheye lens & Wide angle lens 魚眼及廣角特效鏡頭

  • SD card (8GB for over 4,000 shots) 8GB記憶卡

  • Micro USB cable 數據傳輸線

  • Brass fasteners 黃銅釘組

  • AAA batteries are not included for shipping safety reason 本產品不含2節AAA電池,用戶需另外購備


Before you buy, please make sure you read and agree policies as follow 購買前注意:

- There are differences in using method, appearance & styles, package box between promotional item(s) and regular price item(s). 優惠價相機在使用方法, 外觀及包裝上可能與正價產品有別,購買前請注意!

- Only suitable for Alkaline batteries ; if you are not going to use in short times, please remove the batteries from the camera and keep them in well condition. 相機只可使用鹼性電池(長期不使用請取下電池以防流電)

- Turn on/off camera - long press button in the front for 3 secs; Take photo - short press button in the front for 1 sec (you will hear a sound like "DI"). 相機使用需要長按3秒開機->短按1秒(聽到音效)為拍照成功->長按3秒關機


- Carving service not suitable for promotional items 不適用於刻字服務。


Shipping fee 運費相關
  1. [European countries/ United States 歐美國家 ] For order under HKD1800 or less than 3 camera sets , HKD210 for shipping charges will apply. Freight Collect not available. 總訂單金額為HKD1800以下或少於3套相機訂單,運費為HKD210;不適用於運費到付。
  2. [Japan日本 / Singapore新加坡 / Thailand泰國 / Malaysia馬來西亞 ] For order under HKD1600 or less than 3 camera sets , HKD160 for shipping charges will apply.Freight Collect not available. 總訂單金額為HKD1600以下或少於3套相機訂單,運費為HKD160;不適用於運費到付。
  3. [HONG KONG/ MACAO / TAIWAN 港澳台] For order under HKD1000 or less than 2 camera sets , Freight Collect will be applied.  總訂單金額為HKD1000以下或少於2套相機訂單需支付運費,運費到付
Return & Refund Policy 退還及退款政策 
  • No Refunds will be issued; 退款政策不適用於此系列產品;
  • Warranty period : 6 months, calculated from the date sent out the product(s) (for maintenance only, seller will afford one round way shipping fee) ; 保修期為自產品發貨日起計6個月有效期 - 供貨商會為產品維修相關提供一次來回運費;
  • Discount/Promotional item(s) DO NOT suitable for exchange policy; 優惠及減價產品不適用於正價產品換貨政策。
    If you need any assistance, please email us - / , we will get back to you soon. Thank you!
    如您需要任何協助,請電郵( / )與我們聯絡,我們將儘快回覆您。謝謝!

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